Pro Prospect Kick-Off Camp (May)

Pro Prospect Kick-Off Camp is an all-inclusive individually focused ice hockey specific off-season training camp for highly talented ice hockey players lasting for 7 days.  

At Kick-Off Camp player gets a perfect start for off-season training and tools how to practice during whole summer.

In our Kick-Off Camps we offer: 


Off-ice - Ice hockey specific physiological properties 
- Strength 
- Power 
- Speed 
- Mobility 
- Endurance 
- Balance 
- Body control

On-ice - Individual skills and techniques 
- Skating
- Puck control 
- Shooting
- Passing
- Battle techniques  

Practices will be filmed and performance analyzed to give real time feedback for the players. Practices will be held by specialized experts of each specific property.


Off-ice - Ice hockey specific physiological properties 
- Strength
- Power
- Speed
- Mobility
- Endurance
- Balance
- Body control 

On-ice - Individual skills, techniques and physiological properties
- Skating (techniques, body position, speed, mobility)  
- Stickhandling (puck control, body position, range of motion)  
- Shooting (techniques)

Test pattern is created by Pro Prospect experts. Tests will be filmed and techniques and physiological properties analyzed. Each part of the tests gives detailed information of the individual properties of the players.


Web-based platform

Player profile 
- Test results
- Skill and technique properties
- Physiological properties
- Mental profile
- Nutritional profile

Individual development path 
- Key points to focus on

Communication channel with Pro Prospect experts

Reporting channel

Tool for team coach and team management 
- Special information of the player´s properties

Exercise bank 
- Videos
- Pictures
- Special exercises
- Technique tips and advices 


The price includes also:
- Accommodation and meals
Staying at Rauhalahti Holiday residence
Two high quality meals every week day (planned for professional athletes)

- Transportation in Kuopio area during the camp
- Physiotherapy and medical services
- Preventing and dealing with injuries
- Uniform off-ice training outfit (t-shirts, shorts, cap)
- Uniform on-ice training outfit (jerseys, socks, pant covers)  

Pro Prospect Kick-Off Camp 2018 will be held 6.5. - 12.5.2018. 

Participants: Maximum 10 players in order of registration.

Regular price: 1490 €

Early bird price (Register by February 28th, 2018): 1390 €

For further inquiries, please contact