"Our players really liked to work with Pro Prospect"


Pro Prospect’s co-operation with EHC Biel-Bienne is bringing promising results. During ongoing season Pro Prospect visited Biel for four intensive coaching weeks and worked regularly with NLA-players.

At this moment (March 29th) EHC Biel-Bienne is leading semifinal series 1-0 against Lugano. Already now this season is EHC Biel-Bienne’s best achievement in last 28 years.

Sportchef Martin Steinegger:

- Co-operation with Pro Prospect went really well. We are very happy what we achieved this season. As a team we made playoffs second time in a row. That is a big step for our organization.

- I’m very pleased with intensive weeks during the season where Pro Prospect was coaching. Several one week visits was a good rhythm of working together. Players really liked to work with Pro Prospect. That helped them to realize what they can do better to develop and between visits they maintained the same habits.

- Some players were at Pro Prospect summer camps in Finland. They felt that it is an investment for their careers and that is nice to see.

- We have been on the same page all the time. It was important to hear the development targets that we have and to get achievable program and advices to reach our goals as organization. For me that was one of the main points.

- I really like Pro Prospect’s coaching methods. They are open-minded and take our point of views in consideration. That is important.