Return to Play Camp with Chad Nehring


undefinedFischtown Pinguins centerman Chad Nehring, 30, has spent last 10 days in Kuopio training with Pro Prospect staff. He hurt his knee in October and has been sidelined since the injury happened in DEL game. Chad participated in Pro Prospect "Return to Play" Camp, where training program was planned for him individually. 

During these 10 days Chad has been coached intensively and taken care by several Pro Prospect experts. Training program has included 3-6 hours daily training including testing and analysis, ice training, nutrition and mental coaching as well as many kinds of off-ice training like strength, functional training, body control, mobility, endurance, speed, agility, yoga, boxing etc.

When we started the camp, Chad had clear movement control problems with his injured knee causing knee valgus collapse especially in fast actions. He had also big strength and activation deficits in his pelvic area and right hamstring. His knee wasn't going in full extension and flexion was limited. During the "Return to Play" Camp he clearly improved his knee control, pelvic alignment and thigh strength. Also knee ROM (range of motion) improved to full extension and flexion improved eventhough the acute workload was much higher than in last weeks. 

This is one of the products Pro Prospect is offering. If you as a player or your club need professional help to get back to game shape as soon as possible, please contact us. We can help you!