We took our off-ice practices to the web.

We understand that everybody cannot travel to Kuopio to train with us. We’ve started to transform our coaching materials into virtual form. We started with off-ice training programs for young players. 

Upcoming and ongoing coaching

Tulevat ja meneillään olevat valmennukset

🇫🇮 lltapäivätreenit, Kuopio ti klo 14.30–15.30 2008 syntyneet (YKSI PAIKKA VAPAANA) ja to klo 14.45–15.45 2009 ja myöhemmin syntyneet (TÄYNNÄ)

🇫🇮 Harrastekiekkoilijoiden intensiivileiri (aikuisharrastajat), Kuopio, 23.–24.1.2021 & 30.–31.1.2021, ilmoittautuminen 18.12.20 mennessä

🇫🇮 Hiihtolomaleiri, Helsinki, 22.–24.2.2021, YKSI PAIKKA VAPAANA

🇫🇮 Hiihtolomaleiri, Jyväskylä, 1.–3.3.2021, 5 PAIKKAA VAPAANA

🇫🇮 Hiihtolomaleiri, Kuopio, 8.–10.3. (TÄYNNÄ) & 10.–12.3.2021 (6 PAIKKAA VAPAANA)

🇫🇮 Youth Camp, Kuopio, 11.–17.7.2021, 10 SPOTS IN ORDER OF REGISTRATION

🇫🇮 Skill CampKuopio, 19.–29.7.2021, 10 SPOTS IN ORDER OF REGISTRATION

Our Approach

Being the best requires hard work and long hours. But in the end of the day, everybody has the same amount of hours to spend. Our approach to development and training is to use those precious minutes wisely.

Find the biggest impact

Thorough testing reveals development opportunities. A bit of rigorous detective work on and off the ice shows the most impactful improvement possibilities.

Focus on individuals

Every player has their own potential profile: physiology, history, skills, and mentality. To maximise the results, the players should also train according to their individual characteristics.


We approach problems with science. We bring the latest researched findings to our testing, coaching, and training protocols. We continuously test and re-test to find the most effective practices.

We are here for you

Your success is our key priority. Pro Prospect’s team of experts is highly educated and composes of experienced specialists. We live and breathe ice hockey and have a profound passion for developing the sport even further.
Eetu Qvist is the Head skill and technique coach at Pro Prospect

Attention to details makes us different

Ice hockey is a complex and multifaceted sport. Player’s body and physique is constantly under immense pressure and has to be ready to perform instantly when the opportunity arises.

Ice hockey performance can be broken down into very specific details. And it is these details that open new windows for improvement. 

Feedback is the key

Continuous learning and improvement is in the core of everything we do. Feedback and open discussions are essential in achieving this.

We use videos during testing and training to demonstrate the problems and techniques to the players. 

Markku Paukkune is the Development coach at Pro Prospect

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