Coach Clinics

Align your team behind one set of principles

When all the coaches share the same knowledge about skating, its biomechanics, and ice hockey specific physiological needs, the club can start systematically develop better players from early on.

At our coach clinics, we share our skating and ice hockey knowledge. Our clinics are very concrete, we also make the coaches try out different drills and protocols in action on and off the ice. We reveal the smallest details of optimal ice hockey skating.

During the clinics we share the details of over 40 skating techniques

In addition we cover these general topics in our coach clinic packages. We take a holistic approach to ice hockey coaching and training.

Download our coach clinic modules from this link.


Warm up

We want the players’ bodies be 100% ready when they start playing.


optimal skating

How to get the center of gravity in the middle, so that what ever happens, player can react to it?




Mobility is vital part of optimal performance and is thus ingrained into all of our modules.



Speed continuum

How to make the skating as energy efficient and powerful as possible?



Off-ice training

New insights how to optimise off-ice training.




Balance on and off the ice. Good balance is essential physically and mentally.


Pro Prospect´s visit was very positive and we got more than expected in the start. As a coach I want to keep learning all the time and all the things we learned from you guys are really valuable for future.

Edo Terglav, Bruleurs de Loups – Grenoble (Ligue Magnus – France)

Eetu Qvist and Pro Prospect Coach Clinic in Herning