High quality training 
- At Pro Prospect Hockey Camps we offer ice hockey specific and high quality individual coaching for highly talented ice hockey players during summer time. We focus on each player as an individual and work together to find the most important goals for each and every one. Our goal is to support young ice hockey players to find their own way to become a real professional athlete and help the players to take the next big step in their ice hockey career. 

Extremely satisfied 
- All the players who took part in our camps were extremely satisfied and would definitely like to participate in our camp next summers again. Players developed a lot during the camp, thus the coaches and teams were very pleased as well. We are still going to optimize our concept based on our own analyses and on the feedback from the players in order to offer camps with even higher quality.

Revolutionary concept 
- The core of the camp is to test, analyze and develop physiological properties, skills and techniques of the players. In addition, the players are taught about optimal nutrition and their mental abilities are evaluated.

Follow-up system 
- An ice hockey specific player profile is created for each participant. The profile sheet includes physiological measures (e.g. body composition), description of the skills, nutrition facts and mental features of each individual player. Player profile is presented on an easily accessible web-based platform, from which the participants, coaches and agents can easily follow player´s individual development.

Four different camp concepts 
- To ensure that each player will develop in our camps, we offer four different kinds of summer training camp concepts. Kick-off Camp is held in May, Training Camp in May/June and Skill Camp in the end of July. Youth Camp is designed for 14-16 -year-old highly motivated hockey players.

Based on the latest research 
- Our camp concepts, tests and methods are based on the latest research findings. We trust and use only highly educated and experienced experts of each specific section to advice and guide our players. 

- Our high quality, individually focused training camps last 1-3 weeks at a time, and will be held in Kuopio, Finland. Accommodation, transport costs (in Kuopio area) and training related expenses are included in the price of the camp. 

Learn English 
- English is the official language of our international ice hockey camps, because we believe that it is very important for young ice hockey players to learn and have necessary skills to communicate in the ice hockey community in English.

- We cannot guarantee you, your player or your son or daughter, that he or she will be next superstar. But we can guarantee that he or she will be physically and mentally ready to take the next step to that direction.