Pro Prospect Training Camp 2018

undefinedMarius Nägele
, EV Landshut

”Training, testing and analysis were really good. It’s very important, that players get the chance to learn the right techniques and how to do it. In team practices I never got this kind of feedback. 

I got great results during the camp and I learned so much every single day. I hope you guys keep up this same level of working. It’s really helpful.”


Pro Prospect Return to Play Camp 2017

undefinedChad Nehring, Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven (DEL)

"I have seen and been to a lot of camps with hockey and I thought the whole Pro Prospect staff was world class, the knowledge they had was amazing, any questions I had was answered and discussed which is important coming off an injury. The most important part was their excitement and drive level towards Pro Prospect Camp. The motivation they all have is contagious and made me want to work harder and get better each day.

I feel the testing was the most important part of the camp. First, seeing physiotherapist when my knee was weak and I was nervous about recovery. He gave me the confidence and the right knowledge on what was wrong and what I needed to improve for my return to play timeline. From first to last day, the results were there and it has given me the confidence to get back into a game now." 


Players - Pro Prospect Skill Camp 2017

Jan Neuenschwander, EHC Biel-Bienne (NLA)

"I think the Skill Camp concept is pretty good. It was interesting to get feedback from all the tests. The best was all the off ice and on ice drills and techniques we learned. I really liked that specific stuff. And that group size was small so coaches had time to help everybody. I would recommend this camp to other because i really learned new stuff and i liked that we had new things on the ice and also off the ice."


undefinedPatrik Parkkonen, BIK Karlskoga (HockeyAllsvenskan)

"The skill camp was good. I learned new things and there was always a distinct plan in practices. I got most out of shooting coaching. My shot got better immediately. Pro Prospect concept offers a great possibility to improve my weaknesses. We did testing, I got test results and then analysis with coaches. I recommend Pro Prospect camps warmly to everybody."



undefinedCedric Hächler, EHC Biel-Bienne (NLA)

"I really like the concept, specially with the filming. That´s how we get feedback really quick and we can correct it right away. I appreciate coaches´ honesty and attitude to help us. I also liked that the camp was right before the pre-season so I already get the feeling for the ice. 

I can recommend this camp because you learn very much about skating and off-ice exercises. Every hockey player can improve his skills, but you need someone who can tell, explain and show you how it goes practically." 


undefinedOle Olleff, Eispiraten Crimmitschau (DEL2)

"Skill camp was awesome. There is a reason for every training and exercise we are doing. I also like that everything was so hockey specific and that´s something that I can use in game situations. I wouldn´t change anything in Skill camp concept. I´m very satisfied."



Players - Pro Prospect Camp 2017

undefinedChristoph Körner, Fischtown-Pinguins Bremerhaven (DEL)

"I think the camp was awesome. How everything was organized, the personal meetings and the exercises helped me a lot to improve. All in all there is way more positive than negative feedback. Thanks a lot again for that camp and I hope I can come back next season." 



undefinedDominik Grafenthin, Dresdner Eislöwen (DEL2)

"It was great. The camp has improved significantly from the last year and I think it develops every year. Coaching staff is great. If some player has a question they always take the time to answer it, don´t matter in which situation. 

Thanks for the opportunity especially for young players to practice well in summer and get teached how a summer/winter practice should look like."



undefinedLuca Zitterbart, EV Landshut (Germany3)

"For me the Camp was a really good experience! The most of the stuff we did was new for me, but you guys explained why we are doing these things. It made sense for me and now I will change my off-ice work."



undefinedKristian Suleski, EHC Biel-Bienne (NLA)

"We did very specific exercices for hockey. The most surprising thing I learned and that helped me the most was the analysis with the videos. I really saw the points I could change and develop. For me, there weren’t any negative things in this camp."



Players - Pro Prospect Camp 2016                                       

Noureddine Bettahar, Iserlohn Roosters (DEL) 

"I have really good experience with the Pro Prospect Player Camp 2016. I learned a lot of new stuff and how to workout during the summer right way. It was really professional and everything was set up for us perfectly. All in all thanks Pro Prospect staff."



Denis Shevyrin, Iserlohn Roosters (DEL) 

"I would describe the month in Finland in Pro Prospects Player camp 2016 as very tough and very fun at the same time. It is a very professional program with great workouts which pushed me every day to become a better hockey player. All the off-ice workouts were designed to simulate hockey movements and activate muscles, which are used on the ice, which I liked a lot! In addition to that it was great to be able to use the available ice time to work on basics like skating, stick-handling, shooting, where a lot of small details were presented, which I didn't know before. 
And overall I learned something new everyday, whether it was how to breath right during yoga or nutrition, all aspects of how to be a successful athlete were presented. On top of that all 4 weeks were well organized, amazing housing solution, good food, enough free time to recover and also have some fun! Finally a huge role, that made those 4 weeks so successful, played the fact, that you work with awesome and highly motivated people, who push you to the next level and are ready to help with any issue and answer any individual questions."


Dieter Orendorz, Iserlohn Roosters (DEL) 

"Pro Prospect Training Camp helped me to develop as a player. Everything was very well organized. Training was structured and we had lots of fun. All the coaches were nice and helpful. Generally the camp was a great experience for me and I learned a lot of things what to do in future."



Tobias Kircher,
Fischtown-Pinguins Bremerhaven (DEL)

"The travel arrangements were good, no problems at all. Housing was really nice too, right on the lake. I thought the training helped me a lot and I learned a lot of new hockey specific exercises, what made me a better player on the ice! The training plan was definitely hard, but it was also fun work with a great group of guys and great coaches! I really had a great experience at Pro Prospects Player Camp and can only recommend it to all players!"



Dominik Grafenthin,
Dresdner Eislöwen (DEL2)

"I think its great that young players have the opportunity to learn something new that nobody ever told you. For me my battle game have changed because I know now what is important to stand good on the ice. I learned so many new things how to practise right off the ice and also on the ice. Nutrition coach also helped me to get the right food at the right time. The focus on the ice was on the details which you never can focus on in a normal team practise."



Ole Olleff,
Eispiraten Crimmitschau (DEL2)

"Pro Prospect camp is really good because every player gets helped individually and we learned a lot of things which we should focus off the ice. I liked the apartment we had and that there were only 9 players in our group. We had a good group of the guys having a lot of fun during the camp. During Pro Prospect camp, I learned how to skate and shoot in the right position. Big part of the camp were the off-ice practices where I learned a lot of things which ice hockey players should work at summer. 

During the camp I worked a lot with my flexibility and core. Now I feel that I am stronger on my skates. The Pro Prospect staff was awesome. I liked the way they treated us. I always talk about the camp with other players and tell them how good it is and how the Pro Prospect camp helps players to get better with the on and off-ice training concept. I definitely would recommend Pro Prospect camp to other players."




undefinedEdo Terglav
, Bruleurs de Loups - Grenoble (Ligue Magnus - France)

"Pro Prospect´s visit was very positive and we got more than expected in the start. As a coach I want to keep learning all the time and all the things we learned from you guys are really valuable for future. 

We as coaches often concentrate on systems and might forget the technical aspects. No matter what the players´age is, it´s important to keep focusing and getting better with every possible way. 

We saw many useful things during your stay here. Now we will focus more on details and repeat all those things daily. When our players develop, our overall game gets better as well."


Thomas Popiesch, Fischtown-Pinguins Bremerhaven (DEL)

"Off-season work is more and more important for individual development of ice hockey players. It is very important to find and create individual training plan for young players, which helps them to turn to pro players.

Based on my long term co-operation with Sami Kaartinen I know, that quality of off-ice and on-ice coaching that he is offering, is very high and helps young ice hockey players to develop a lot. We as a club already got proofs of that, when our young player Tobias Kircher participated Pro Prospect camps. That helped him to take the step from junior hockey to pro hockey (DEL)."



undefinedPatrick Schöb, EHC Biel-Bienne Spirit AG U-17, Switzerland National team U-16

"I visited Pro Prospect Camp 2017 for one week as a guest coach. I really like the concept of the Pro Prospect Camps. The question “why” is central in all aspects of the training sessions on and off the ice. The small group of players and the great knowledge of the coaches have a great impact on the quality of the practices and theoretical inputs. The learning environment is perfect, because the coaches from Pro Prospect don’t need to judge or rate them. So the players can try everything and get honest and individual feedback without thinking about ice time or whatever.

Especially the connection from the on-ice and off-ice performance combined with nutrition, recovery and mental aspects is a key element for future success. In these camps the young players learn from all of them and it should boost their careers at an important transition moment from youth hockey to pro in their career."



undefinedGianni Ehrensperger, SC Langenthal (NLB)

"I was at Pro Prospect Camp 2017 for two weeks as a guest coach. That time was very interesting and I learned a lot of new things. 

I really like the way Pro Prospect staff analyze and give feedback to the players. They give support for all different parts in hockey. That is truly needed to reach the top level. This good overall view helps Pro Prospect staff to make players better on an individual base."



Kim Collins, Eispiraten Crimmitschau (DEL2)

"We learned a lot of things from Pro Prospect staff. Not just the players, but myself as well. Both on-ice and off-ice coaching was important to the players. I learned a lot through off-ice practices. Individually there is a lot of things that guys can take to their daily routines and we can do those things every day in team practices."


undefinedBoris Rousson
, ETC Crimmitschau (U16 & U19)

"Having Pro Prospect here was a really good experience for us. First as coaches, we could see different way to do things. I also know from the players that they really enjoyed having you here. 

During your visit we saw big enthusiasm from our players and they worked really hard to improve their skills. I was amazed how fast the kids were out of the crossovers. They were literally flying out there and they could notice that it makes difference how they do it. For me that was a biggest notice while your stay in Crimmitschau."



Jean-Francois Dufour
, GM, Bruleurs de Loups - Grenoble

"It was great to have Pro Prospect coaches in Grenoble. Players were really happy about learning and trying new techniques. They were excited and wanted to improve their game. That´s the point. It´s important for coaches as well to learn new things and transfer that to players.

We worked a lot with skating. In quick turns and pivots Pro Prospect´s method was to skip some steps, avoid crossovers and do it controlled and fast. That is making our players faster in everything they do on the ice. We feel that our players and team will be better because of these things we have been working on."


undefinedAnton "Toni" Raubal, Sports director, Löwen Frankfurt Eishockey e.V.  

"We wanted to bring Pro Prospect coaches here that they could explain and show how different skating techniques should be done. It was great experience for our players and youth coaches.

It was helpful to see some new and detailed things on-ice. Our goal is to develop our youth organization and take next steps as a club. Pro Prospect skill coaches can help us with that. 

Players can always get better. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old. That’s why it’s so important to focus on details in everything they do day after day."



Martin Ancicka, ISMA agency 

"One of the most important things for the players is summer training. Ice hockey is becoming faster and faster. Players are stronger, more athletic and that´s why it´s important to work with a specialist. Pro Prospect camps offer our clients the best way to get ready for next season by offering both off- and on-ice activities. All the clients from ISMA have been extremely satisfied of Pro Prospect camps."