test your team




Our sport specific test set is created especially for ice hockey. The tests imitate game-like situations and reveal the technical and physiological level of the player. We combine time with video, so after the tests, you can see why somebody was fast or slow. The videos also help to create an improvement plan for the team.

Tackle problems

We approach ice hockey development scientifically and systematically. We do not guess but measure. We validate our protocols by retesting them. And this is what we want to bring also to you. Test first to determine your current level.

Sport specific testing reveals improvement opportunities. Train to improve the weaknesses the tests show and after a while retest to see if your protocols have the desired impact on your players. This cycle makes your team and club a learning machine!

Test on ice

Every player has their own potential profile: physiology, history, skills, and mentality. To maximise the results, the players should also train according to their individual characteristics.

Impactful training

Tests on and off the ice reveal hidden development opportunities. We help you to put the results into action. Our training and coaching programs and problem mapping give you new insights and tools to develop your team further.

Retest to see the change

Only after retesting you really start to see what works, and what does not. Your learning curve will reach new heights.


We also use thorough testing when we build training programs for individual players. If you are interested finding out your strengths and weaknesses as a player, click here.

“We had great co-operation with Pro Prospect at season 2018-2019. Around 30 players participated Pro Prospect development program. That included on-ice and off-ice testing, coaching visits, individual analysis and coach clinics. Main focus was at skating techniques.

The concept was effective and simple at same time. Drills and practices both on the ice and off the ice were perfect. Drills on the ice were easy to understand and off-ice training had correlation to on-ice training. Coach clinics included theory and practical parts on the ice or at the gym. That made it easy to understand.”

Lars Bach, Development Manager, Herning Ishockey Klub