Ice hockey is a team sport played by individual players. There are thousands of ice hockey clubs, tens of thousands ice hockey teams and over two million ice hockey players in the world. Players, teams and clubs are playing on different levels and have different goals. But one thing connects them all. They want to get better.

Pro Prospect offers a unique all-inclusive individual development concept for each individual ice hockey player, coach, team or club. We provide you, your team or your club the services you need in order to take the next big step for successful future.

Our revolutionary ice hockey specific testing, coaching and education concept is based on experience gained in numerous professional ice hockey games and on information learned from hundreds of books and scientific studies. This experience and knowledge makes us extremely strong and powerful and thus we can rely our work always on facts.                        

Pro Prospect specialists are highly educated and experienced experts and each of them work on their personal expertise area in order to help develop ice hockey players on their individual characteristics. We believe and know, that higher level of ice hockey specific individual features and skills assure success for individual players as well as for teams and clubs.

In order to truly help and develop an individual player, first it has to be analyzed what ice hockey is as a sport. There has to be knowledge on techniques, skills and biomechanics needed in ice hockey and each individual player has to be tested and analyzed completely in order to find the specific features that the individual needs to concentrate on. There has to be ice hockey specific know-how of physiological and mental coaching and there needs to be an effective follow up system to guarantee a continuous development of each player.

Pro Prospect can offer all the required tools to assure development.

Let´s build a successful future together!